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Flowers can be seen anywhere and at every occasion. The hall will feel empty without them. Yet nothing in this world is permanent. Flowers tend to dry up and die before we know it. Maintaining its freshness for a couple of weeks is super satisfying. Want to know how? See down below Porto’s Florist’s care tips just for you.

Guide and Care Tips to Flowers:

Clean your Vase

Clean your vase daily to avoid bacterial growth. Bacteria will slowly kill your flowers. Use warm warm water in cleaning your vase for it is the most suitable water temperature to kill most of these bacteria. Remember not to leave your vase dry without proper cleaning as the bacteria and viruses may multiply and can kill your new bouquets faster. Also, don’t forget to clean your vase before and after putting the flowers in, bacteria may still be in your vase. Don’t forget these most basic care tips.

Change Water Regularly

Change the water in the vase regularly. Changing water can avoid the flowers’ dehydration. Dirty water is a primary cause of flower drying. This also helps avoid bad smell or foul odour caused by dead leaves in water. This care tip can help the stem of the flower absorb water quickly. Maintaining fresh water also keeps away bacteria and viruses from your flowers. So don’t forget to implement this care tip regularly.

Clean and Healthy Water

By changing enough fresh water regularly even if water doesn’t have smell bad, will help your flowers stay fresh as ever. Adding a little amount of sugar in your vase’s water helps the flower bloom more. This care tip will also serve as the flowers’ nourishment. You can add a little amount of vinegar or lemon drops in your water. This care tip will help your flowers to have a long-lasting freshness by killing these bacteria and viruses. Remember that flowers last longer with nourishments. Don’t forget to put some sugar and lemon in your vases.

Remove Lower Leaves

Leaves will eventually fall. Be mindful of those leaves. The best thing to do is to remove the leaves as soon as possible when they turn yellow or brown. Please remove the leaves that fall into your vase also. As much as possible, there should not be any leaves and even petals that touch the water. They can cause more drying and killing of your cut flowers. This care tip will be a big help for better water absorption and will refrain from a smelly odour.

Use Sharp Knife to Cut

Take an inch or two in cutting off your stem at an angle direction with some water. This will help to maintain the freshness of your flowers where you can expose new tissue upon cutting. Also, avoid cutting the stems with a dull object as this can damage the tissue. Most importantly, use a sharp knife, cutter, or a pair of scissors at all times when cutting the stem for better absorption of water.

Keep in Good Temperature

Avoid placing your flowers in the exposure of direct sunlight or electric appliances. These may dehydrate your flowers faster. Place them in a cool area and not in a warm area. Avoid placing your flowers near the kitchen or chimney as well. Always see to it that your flowers are displayed in a cool area.

Keep Away from Toxic Environment

Keep your flowers away from toxic fumes and radiations. A polluted environment, like places with smoke and poison, will decrease the freshness of your flowers. Let your flowers have fresh and clean air so that you can enjoy their freshness longer. Remember this care tip for flowers are sensitive with things like these; they are the same as humans in this aspect indeed.